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March 4th, 2008

radonia @ 11:15 pm: Thai9 Dinners
Kristi: If scared enough Rabbits will break their own backs.
Me: How would they learn to do that? I mean how could that possibly evolve? There isn't any survival value in it...
Phil: Must be a once-a-life time lesson. "This is only going to happen once so pay attention kids." *CRUNCH*
Frank: "Grandpa?"
Kristi: Explains why you never see any really old rabbits.

February 29th, 2008

radonia @ 02:24 pm: I demand to laugh
So. I am delivering an ultimatum. This site needs to be updated. With something funny.



If no one posts anything funny I will be forced to get drunk instead. No one likes it when I get drunk so don't force it!

August 30th, 2007

goge @ 02:13 am: Matsuricon
Anyone going?

August 16th, 2007

kagomes_arrow @ 07:08 pm: Remember caffine addictions!!!!
It makes me completely sad that none of us post in this anymore after it took us cases of Mountain Dew to think up a cool name for this group. So with that being said, this is my attempt to revive it!!!

If we have nothing to write in it, then that just means you people need to come visit me more often!

January 3rd, 2006

radonia @ 01:48 am: What a party!
Liz: I'm sitting in the "Every body look at my breasts" pose.
Jim: I see.
Jim: Wait...

Brian: I'm just captian color change over here.

Liz: Penis.
Brian: Liz is talking to my penis. You're talking to the right area even.
Liz: Penis!

Liz: We should answer her phone "Jamie is currently too naked to answer the phone. Can I

take a message?"

Liz: I'm the quote bitch of the night. Yay!

Morgan: Why aren't more people naked yet?

Liz: My breasts can breathe now.
Morgan: Wait until you take off your shirt.
Brian: Then they will be doing arobic exercises.

Rhy: You touched my knee.
Liz: knee sex.
Rhy: Brian and I are having knee sex.
Jim: Oh you are going down.

Liz: You have got to get off.

Liz: I'm the quote whore over here.
Jim: You've been promoted.
Morgan: Can I be the quote slut?
Rhy: Sure you can be the quote slut and steal other people's quotes.
Morgan: I just want to have sex with them.
Rhy: How do you manage to have sex with quotes?
Morgan: I don't know but I'm sure I'll manage it.

Liz: Her body isn't on your thing.

11 = fucktillion I can prove it!!
3 = billion
22 = fuckton

Jim: Then you haven't watched The Emperors New Groove hard enough.

Liz: Oh you're drinkable now!

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November 13th, 2005

radonia @ 03:37 am: Another random Morgan visit
Conclusion of the night: Morgan is not flat.

Jamie: Did I put my lipgloss in the refridgerator?

October 1st, 2005

vagentzero @ 05:09 pm: Only In Video Games Would You Hear Asked...
"Does dying make you sober?"

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September 6th, 2005

vagentzero @ 10:34 pm: pwn3d.
On tonight's World Series of Poker:

NO-NAME GUY: Poker is absolutely not a sport, and anyone who thinks it is is of limited intelligence.

(cut to:)

PHIL HELLMUTH: Poker is 100% a sport!

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September 2nd, 2005

vagentzero @ 02:27 am: I Bet Four Wagon Wheels With My Aces...
(remarks while playing Oregon Trail on an Apple //e emulator)

VAgentZero: >_<
VAgentZero: Fucking river... I lost all my wagon wheels
VAgentZero: And what the hell is a wagon tongue, anyway?
Lioness2U: Um. I used to know that


Lioness2U: When you said "Fucking river... I lost all my wagon wheels" I totally thought you were talking poker and "wagon wheels" was some new poker slang I had no idea about. ^_^;;;;
VAgentZero: Haha! That's rather amusing.
Lioness2U: I thought I was being all clever with my Oregon Trail reference. *dies*

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August 15th, 2005

radonia @ 12:02 am: Abuse!
Rhy: Why are you hitting me with your elbow?
Jim: How about my non-forearm.
Rhy: Non-forearm?
Jim: Well it's not my forearm. Here let me hit you with my rear-arm or perhaps my aft-arm.
Rhy: ::laughing hysterically::
Jim: It really should have a name...
Rhy: You could call it your upper arm like most people...
Jim: Oh it has a name. Damn. I've been beaten.

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