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Caffeinated Knights of Hilariousness

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vagentzero @ 02:27 am: I Bet Four Wagon Wheels With My Aces...
(remarks while playing Oregon Trail on an Apple //e emulator)

VAgentZero: >_<
VAgentZero: Fucking river... I lost all my wagon wheels
VAgentZero: And what the hell is a wagon tongue, anyway?
Lioness2U: Um. I used to know that


Lioness2U: When you said "Fucking river... I lost all my wagon wheels" I totally thought you were talking poker and "wagon wheels" was some new poker slang I had no idea about. ^_^;;;;
VAgentZero: Haha! That's rather amusing.
Lioness2U: I thought I was being all clever with my Oregon Trail reference. *dies*

Current Mood: amusedamused
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